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6 March 2016
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Rules on immigration loosened to further innovation

The Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Malcolm Turnbull, has made 2 major initiatives on the immigration policy of the country. Now, the students who are currently studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) are given the opportunity to lodge an application for permanent residence in Australia. Aside from this, a new Entrepreneur Visa has also been introduced which is set to be implemented in December this year.

How these changes in immigration rules can make migrating to Australia easier for international students

The initiative for students who are studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is specifically for those who are doing their masters and their PhD from the country’s various research institutes. The field of STEM and ICT is quite extensive and because of that, there are many migrating students who are expected to complete their qualifications here in Australia, as it already gives them more points in the skilled migration points test.

Since the changes in the point system are going to be accordingly implemented at the end of this year, no one can say for sure just how many extra points students of the STEM are going to get so they can get the chance to migrate to Australia. With that being said, the mere fact they are studying in Australia is going to make it a whole lot easier for their immigration process.

One other benefit that the change in rules will provide is the encouragement among brilliant students from all over the world to come and take up their studies in Australia. This is going to prove to be a win-win situation for everybody as not only will it increase cultural diversity in our society, but also, international students are going to get the advantage of studying in Australia’s world class education system.

Taking a closer look at the fine print

Although there is no doubt that the change in the rules of immigration to Australia is a positive thing, it will not have too much of an effect to it until the other parts in the process of migration, such as the skilled migration list, the requirements for skills assessment, as well as the occupational ceilings, are changed so that these new changes can be further accommodated.

Those who would like to immigrate to Australia would need to get a nomination from one of the professions in the skills development list. The list contains a lot of professions that are related to STEM however, there are a number of jobs on there that does not have this, leading to problems for those who are taking up courses related to those fields.

The Occupational ceilings mean that for every field, there is going to be a quota for each year. However, people from fields such as Information Technology as well as Engineering are restricted to migrate as the quota is always filled each year. The requirements for skills assessment of the present immigration policy in the country demands that the skilled professionals are to have paid work experience in their fields. This means that for those who are involved in studies and research, this can be quite a difficult predicament.

Until there is a revision of the things that are mentioned above, the change in the rules of immigration will not have much of a positive effect on migration’s overall process.

The new Entrepreneur Visa

The new Entrepreneur Visa is going to grant temporary residence to new entrepreneurs in Australia, should they come to the country with a new and innovative idea for business, which has lots of potential for growth and acceptance in the Australian market.

This would mean that the visa will require the applicant to have strong backing from a third party financier, or have a state nomination. The Entrepreneur Visa is a provisional visa, which means that getting a permanent visa will depend on the level of success of their business venture.