Business & Investor Visas

Subclass 188 A/B/C/D/E

Subclass 132 A/B


Australia offers business and investor visas for applicants interested in investment, including certain types of property investments, or for the applicant to purchase an existing business or set up a new business.  

The subclass 188 category are temporary visas while the subclass 132 visas are permanent residence visas. 

All streams will require an Expression of Interest to be sent in and nomination by the respective State or Territory government.

Your eligibility for the visa is determined by a number of factors, including age, eligible assets, available finances and prior business experience. We will provide advice to you on your eligibility for the various visa categories.

The main visa options include:


Subclass 188 – Business Innovation and Investment Visa

These are a temporary residence visas of 4 years and 3 months, with the option to become eligible for the permanent residence 888 visa once the compliance criteria has been met for the relevant stream. Four (4) streams are available:

  • 188A Business Innovation Stream are for applicants with prior business experience who have assets of at least AU$800,000 to AU$900,000 (depending on the State or Territory nominated) who seek to invest into and play an active role in either a business, or certain types of property development;
  • 188B Business Investor Stream are for applicants with prior business experience who have assets of at least AU$2.25 million, who prefer a passive investment into State/Territory Treasury bonds program for a minimum of 4 years;
  • 188C Significant Investor Stream and 188D Premium Investor Stream are for applicants without prior business experience and who have at least AU$5 million and AU$15 million respectively; and
  • 188E Entrepreneur Stream are for applicants who have a venture capital funding agreement for at least AU$200,000 to undertake certain types of entrepreneur activity.

After achieving a minimum period of residence and certain milestones, holders of a subclass 188 may qualify for the permanent residency Subclass 888 visa. The requirements are determined by which stream the subclass 188 visa was granted under.


Subclass 132 – Business Talent Visa

These are permanent residence visas of 5 years, for eligible applicants with prior business experience who can undertake significant business activity. Two (2) streams are available:

  • 132A Significant Business History Stream are for applicants with prior business experience of a higher calibre, to undertake a business activity in Australia. Eligible applicants are required to have assets of up to AU$2.5 million if they intend to pursue certain types of property development, or $1m for other types of business.
  • 132B Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream are for applicants who have secured a formal agreement for at least AU1 million in venture capital funding from eligible sources to develop an innovative product or product commercialisation stage and to maintain ownership interest in the investment.

Professional advice on the visas and its compliance requirements are important to the success of your visa application. At Obvia Legal, we will provide comprehensive advice and guidance at all stages of your visa application from the initial consultation, through to eligibility assessment, to the Expressions of Interest, and from the visa application up to the visa decision, to maximise your prospects of success. 

Seeking Investment options?

At Obvia Legal, we have contacts with a network of reliable business brokers and property developers, who will be able to tailor an investment specifically for your circumstances and aspirations, that comply with the visa criteria. Please contact us for further information.