Business & Investor Visas

Subclass 188 A/B/C/D/E

Subclass 132 A/B


Australia has a number of business and investor visa options for eligible applicants who are interested in investment, buying or establishing a business activity in Australia. All streams require nomination from a State or Territory Government. Both temporary and permanent residence visa options are available.

Your eligibility for the visa is influenced by a range of factors, including your age, business and investment history, assets and your plans in Australia. We will provide advice to you on your eligibility for the various visa options.

The main visa options include:


Subclass 188 – Business Innovation and Investment Visa

This is a temporary residence visa of 4 years 3 months, with option for permanent residence. There are four streams available:

  • 188A Business Innovation Stream for business owners who want to purchase or establish a new business in Australia, and have assets of at least AU$850,000 for transfer;
  • 188B Business Investor Stream for business owners who are prepared to invest into a State/Territory treasury bond program for four years, and have assets of at least AU$2.25 million for transfer;
  • 188C Significant Investor Stream and 188D Premium Investor Stream for persons without a business ownership background who are prepared to invest AU$5 million and AU$15 million respectively; and
  • 188E Entrepreneur Stream for people how have a funding agreement from a third party for at least AU$200,000 to undertake a complying entrepreneur activity to lead either to the commercialisation of a product of service in Australia or the development of a business in Australia.

After achieving a minimum period of residence and certain milestones, holders of a subclass 188 may qualify for the permanent residency Subclass 888 visa. The requirements are determined by which stream the subclass 188 visa was granted under.


Subclass 132 – Business Talent Visa

This a permanent residence visa option is for high calibre business people who intend to undertake a business activity in Australia of exceptional economic benefit. A viable business plan needs to be shown.There are two streams:

  • 132A Significant Business History Stream for high level business owners intending to undertake significant business activity in Australia that will provide either employment, exports or high level investment. Eligible applicants must have assets of at least AU$1.5 million and a business turnover of at least AU$3 million.
  • 132B Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream for those who have a formal agreement for at least AU$1 million funding from an eligible Australian venture capital firm to develop an innovation to a product commercialisation stage and maintain ownership interest in the investment.

At Obvia Legal, we can assist you with other areas which can be crucial to the success of your application, including guidance on this wide range of other documentation, which can all be relevant to your visa application.

There are many ways Obvia Legal can assist you to make your application stronger – let us know how we can help you. 

The Business Talent Visa Permanent sub-class 132 visa is a permanent residence visa designed for high calibre business people who are owners or part owners of an overseas business and have a genuine and realistic commitment to participate in the management and development of a new or existing business in Australia.

The sub-class 132 visa is a visa where a nomination from a State or a Territory government agency is required. This visa is not points tested. This visa is for high calibre business people from overseas who are less than 55 years old, although a state or territory can waive this requirement if your proposed business will be of exceptional economic benefit to the region where it will operate.