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     Definition: obvia: Latin, feminine singular ~ English: obvious, clear


Mission Statement

Obvia Legal has been founded with the mission of providing professional, responsive, ethical and cost-effective legal and migration advice. 

We punch above our weight; You can expect, and you deserve, no less!

Our mission is to accurately identify and address your specific needs, provide high quality legal and migration advice at reasonable rates, and to engage with you in a friendly manner to instill confidence that your needs are being well taken care of in a timely manner.

No two clients are alike – so you will always receive individualised service, tailored to your needs and your circumstances.


Why Choose Obvia Legal?

Obvia Legal aims to provide a professional, ethical and reliable service, while working closely with our clients to more reliably attain the clients’ goals and aspirations.

At Obvia Legal, we not just provide a service - we build a relationship with you, our client. We work to earn your trust and confidence that are working in your best interests, in a cost-effective manner. We strive to assist you with your concerns about legal and migration matters, and to allow you to return your attention on your family, your life and your other priorities.

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