Migration Appeals

If your visa has been refused or cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) you may be eligible to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

We will provide advice to you on your eligibility to lodge an appeal, and if so, the time limits to do so.

The AAT is not a court but a merits review organisation. It will assess the application again. Fresh evidence may be introduced and witnesses brought in. Often the Member will ask you questions directly, rather than the lawyer.

A Tribunal member will reconsider the facts and circumstances of the case , apply the applicable law, regulations and policy, and make their own decision separately from the DHA. 

At Obvia Legal, we identify and assess realistically the issues involved, and determine any new evidence or witnesses to be introduced and address the issues highlighted in the original decision to refuse or cancel the visa.   

The AAT will review the DHA decision, but cannot grant a visa. This is solely the role of the DHA and the Minister for Immigration.

Obvia Legal has experience in and successfully conducted appeals.  We can assist you from the outset, or you can appoint us at any point in time during the case. Please contact us now to determine how we may assist you.